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Request Availablility

Click on the pencil to the left to request more info & availability. Be sure to submit your request form.

Reserve Your Spot

If Stephanie has availability based on your due date you will receive an email within 24-48 hours containing the link to book your reservation.

Reservations are required between 3-8 months pregnant to secure a spot when your baby arrives. 

See you at your scheduled session!

Once you deliver you'll text Stephanie the day of or day after delivery & you'll schedule your session within the first 14 days of life. Don't worry, even if baby comes early you are still guaranteed a spot with your reservation.


  • It is very crucial that your newborn session is done within the first 14 days after your little one is born for several reasons: They are more likely to stay asleep and cooperate during their poses, they still like to be curled up and don’t mind being posed and usually their flaky skin or baby acne has not set in yet. Typically, after 14 days old, they are less cooperative and it takes a lot of time to ease the baby. This does not apply to NICU babies. Depending on their length of stay I like to photograph them within two weeks of release as long as their weighing over 5lb.

  • I completely understand that babies come on their own terms (my son was 5 weeks early) so you will still have a guaranteed spot reserved no matter when you deliver. 

  • *VERY IMPORTANT THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOLLOWED: One of the most imperative things I will ask of you is on the day of your session I will need you to keep baby up for 2 hours before your session (I know, this can be very difficult, so please try to keep them up as long as possible prior to session). Then I will have you feed your baby once you get here and get them to sleep. So please time feedings accordingly. This is to ensure your baby will be easier to pose and will stay asleep or at least be settled enough to move around the whole time. Babies who are not kept awake beforehand tend to not do very well and I do not get many shots. (If directions are not read or followed session may also be subject to rescheduling). Bathing is a great way to help keep them awake at home. If they fall asleep in the car on the way to the studio, don't worry at all. It's often near impossible to keep a baby awake on a car ride.

  • If breastfeeding, please try to avoid eating anything spicy (pizza, Mexican food, etc.) or anything that may cause your baby to become gassy or upset baby's tummy for 24 hours preceding your scheduled session. 
    *Some other foods that may cause gas: dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, pudding, cream, or any product that has milk, milk products, casein, or sodium casein. As well as foods with caffeine, soy, fish, peanuts, chocolate, wheat, beef, nuts, eggs, corn, or citrus fruits. 

  • If your baby takes a paci, be sure to keep it handy. Even if baby does not intend on using one permanently, it is often convenient during pictures to keep baby calm and soothed for the 2-3 hours they will be taking photos. This is much easier than moving baby each time they need soothed. I would recommend bringing one even if they do not normally take one. 

  • Newborns also tend to eat a little more than you're used to during the experience so be prepared for that and please bring extra bottles, water, and formula if you are bottle feeding. If you are breastfeeding and don't have any extra milk handy and you wish to have more privacy while feeding your baby, I have a room divider I can block you with while feeding. If your breast milk has not quite come in yet, don't be discouraged mama. Supplementing is a great option too. Just as long as we have a fed and full baby. Also, bring burp rags, and extra diapers and wipes just incase.

  • Newborn Sessions take anywhere from 2-3 hours so please plan your day accordingly. If you're not planning on being in the images you are more than welcome to come in your comfy clothes, bring a book, etc., and make yourself right at home. If you are in pictures, feel free to bring a change of comfy clothes for after your portion is finished. I'm on the floor with baby majority of the time so I'll be in leggings and a t-shirt myself. I will be capturing the images at my studio and it will remain a little warm in studio area to keep baby comfortable.

  • Please AVOID bringing any outfits for baby. For best results I will be using my newborn stretch wraps. I supply the props, blankets, etc., as well but if you would like you may bring 1-3 personal items or heirlooms you would like to include in the session. 

  • I will have you undress your newborn down to their diaper before we start so please dress baby in loose fitting clothing to avoid leaving lines on baby's skin, a button up or zipper sleeper is best. Avoid onesies or anything that has to be pulled over baby's head.

  • The baby runs the show, I can only do what they allow. Not every baby will do every pose. I do not guarantee to get a certain pose. 

  • If you're having trouble keeping him/her awake baths will usually do the trick.

  • Please request availability  schedule, and make payment beforehand to ensure availability based on your due date. The earlier in advance you book, the more time you have between paying your reservation fee and purchasing your art.

  • IMPORTANT* If you purchased a Newborn Session with Family and/or Siblings 
    included itis best to do those first. These typically only take about 15-20 min. with NO outfit changes. Please also AVOID bringing any outfits for baby. For best results I will be using my newborn stretch wraps for this portion as well, I have tons of different colors to coordinate with all outfits. If there are any siblings between ages 1-5 please make sure they arrive happy and well rested with something to keep them occupied while we get baby fed and to sleep. If they are upset and crying it can keep your newborn awake and not allow for us to get the family portion done in a timely manner. Thus, cutting into your newborns portion of the session which interrupts my work flow. If possible; it is also encouraged to bring a family member, friend, or care taker with for the first part of the session to take siblings or have siblings picked up after their images with baby have been taken, especially if they are between the ages of 1-5. This also helps your newborn rest better.

    - I'm not at all opposed to bribery, however, make sure to only give it to your kiddo(s) after the session. I promise you it doesn't work if you give it to them before the photos.  
    - Bring a snack & a water bottle/kiddos drink of choice. Sometimes a nice break with some food helps the kids do better.
    - Bring a noise maker (toy) if your kids are of age that will need it. 
    - If your kiddo is younger it's always a good idea to change their outfit at the studio. 
    - Relax. I know photos are stressful, I totally understand. The best thing you can do for the session is to have low expectations and to breath. I promise things go a lot better when we don't stress too much about it. Let your kids be them. Life will be great. It's my job to get everyone smiling.
    - You will have my cell number after you book online for immediate contact. Please text or call me if you need anything.

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