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My mentor and friend Brandon Burton and I are joining forces with over 25 other photographers all over Oklahoma to offer a COVID relief program with a statewide photography sale. The event is this Friday & I'm so excited to tell you about it.


Photoshoots of all kinds including Fall Mini's, Christmas Tree Farm Mini's, Newborns, Families, Weddings & more are available at a discounted rate. HUGE discounts! 


On Friday at 10am the sale will go live but you can view what is available by clicking here:


We're calling it, Photography Lottery because after purchase a photographer that specializes in the session that you purchased will be assigned to you based on your location. So you won't know the photographer until after the session but don't worry, everyone in this group has been involved with Brandon's education program and come thoroughly trusted.


Photoshoots & proceeds will be disbursed within the group of photographers allowing everyone to bring in cash flow this month & photoshoots during this economic season we are in. ALL purchases are valid until May 31st, 2021 so you'll have a full year to use your purchase. This is honestly one of the best ways to support this group within the photography industry right now. If you don't mind, share the group & website page with your friends & family and help us spread the word.

Head to the website to check it out & don't forget to subscribe to get an extra $5 coupon!

If you have questions about the process or about anything please email:


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