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What is a Viewing & Ordering Session?

In short, it means that I believe in a full service experience for photography. I believe that simply handing you a disc of your digital images and leaving you to figure out what to do with them is unfair. It can be an overwhelming task.

You are busy. You have a life. You have priorities and responsibilities. I can almost guarantee those pictures would sit in their digital abyss for months, maybe years, maybe forever without ever really being enjoyed again.

If you do end up tackling the job, it's a long and drawn out process to decide where to print, or to organize a book, or to go pick out frames then print the pictures then try to figure out where to hang them and how to arrange them.

Has that ever happened to you!?

It takes away the joy!

So, Instead we set up what I call a Viewing & Ordering Session

What To Expect At Your

Viewing & Ordering Session

As the creator of your portraits, part of my job as your photographer is to help you visualize how you will display and use your images. All of this comes together at the ordering session when I guide you through the process of selecting and ordering your beautiful portraits. The process works something like this:

• It usually takes place in the evenings when everyone involved can be present and together we view a slideshow of your images set to music. (Most sessions include 25-60 images)

• Then you will have the opportunity to view the gallery on an iPad while I walk you through the pricing guide and we will discuss how you're wanting to display them and what you're wanting to do with your images.

• From there you will decide what you would like to purchase and if you decide you want or choose a package that includes any announcements, collages, mini books, etc. I have hundreds of templates to choose from and we can discuss what you're wanting, what pictures you want in them, and completely customize everything to fit your needs. 

• You will make your purchases and if you made digital purchases after we conclude our viewing/ordering session and I make it back home I will convert the images you purchased into B&W copies, upload them into your gallery and send them over to you with print release in gallery.

• If you purchased any prints, product, or packages including print credit, product credit, etc. I will send you a proof of your products you chose to approve any spelling, photo placement, etc., and then send them off to my print lab upon approval.

• Depending on the season and size of order after proof approval it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks for prints or products to arrive.

• I will contact you when your order has arrived and have you come by to pick it up at the studio! Studio pick up is open 24 hours for your convenience.

How To Prepare For Your 

Viewing & Ordering Session

Think about and know what you're wanting to do with your images even before your session! If you know how and where you want to display your images that can help me in creating the perfect images for you. (You can even send a horizontal image of where you think you may place you images and what sizes your thinking of and I can place a sizing guide to give you a better visual of what will look well in the spot your looking at).

If you plan on purchasing anything as gifts try to make a list before your viewing/ordering session to help you not to leave anyone out.

Make sure all the decision makers tag along - This means anyone whose input is needed when selecting the photos as well as those responsible for payment.

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